Extension of Hotel Baštová

Hotel in the very centre of Bratislava has reached its limits. It needs extension. It has a small garden, but it just lies by the hotel. It is not properly connected, there is a restriction because of its historical value. One of the hotel walls is a part of the old fortification. It was not possible to create bigger windows here. In this case, the garden is for the most part empty and not used. But it can be a beautiful place for small events, weddings, hotel breakfasts and so on... we were asked to change it. We added a small extension, very simple, easily removable. We added the missing terrace! 

Location: Bratislava, SK
Year: 2019
Status: On site
Typology: Commercial, Interior
Size: 96 m2
Project ID: 039
Team: Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Tomáš Bartko, Katarína Bergerová