Bory Home 4

A new phase of a large developing residential zone. Located in northwest suburb of capital city Bratislava. Because of the location at the edge of the town and the scale of this project, every phase is composed a little bit self concentrated. In the centre of each phase is a park. Playgrounds, community areas and no-car zones. These backbones are connected via main pedestrian and bike path along a small stream surrounded by greenery. This phase, Bory Home 4, consists of six buildings. Four of them form a centered roof garden, providing a place for playing and relaxing for the smaller kids and their parents. The other two buildings are longitudal and create a divider from the main road and this generates a calm and quiet environment for the rest of the area. In between these two sets of builings is situated the main active sport and leisure area. You can even play street hockey here!

Location: Bratislava, SK
Client: Penta Real Estate
Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Typology: Residential
Size: 32 735 m2
Project ID: 063
Team: Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Ivana Kvietková, Patrik Bartas, Kristína Machajová, Tomáš Bartko, Oliver Sadovský