Community apartment house

Conversion of an old functionalist office building into a community social housing! Small apartments for young couples. Budget friendly rent! We are creating public areas, such as the entrance atrium, roof gardens, sunlit corridors and a huge sports area. These places and zones help to create friendships and strong community. Minimalising fluctuation of residents. They feel good, they are happy, they want to stay, help and take care of each other! There is an entrance garden in the atrium, quiet and calm place to sit and meet your neighbours. Ground floor hosts small local shops and offices, designers etc. Other floors are residential. Most of the flats are situated around the perimeter of the building and therefore we were able to situate corridors with windows facing the central atrium. Connection! You can see your neighbour, smile at him and greet each other! The rest of the plot has to be left undeveloped, because of regulation limits. Awesome place for sport and leisure! Be fit, feel well! Play football against your neighbours and later drink beer on the roof with them! We want to live there as well!

Location: Bratislava, SK
Year: 2019
Status: Invited competition / 2nd place
Typology: Residential, Transformation
Size: 5 300 m2
Project ID: 059
Team: Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Kristína Machajová, Adam Gajdoš