Extension of cemetery in Hostivař

Extension is created by the wall, separating it from its surroundings. Wall is not a fence. It is a path dividing and defining peaceful rooms. Each space has a different atmosphere and function. You can be there with your family and your thoughts. Together it creates a unique spirit of this place.

Location: Praha / Hostivař, CZ
Client: The Prague Institute of Planning and Development / IPR Prague
Year: 2016
Status: Competition / 1st place
Typology: Civic
Size: 1 690 m2
Project ID: 016
Team: Peter Janeček, Róbert Bakyta, Lukáš Radošovský, Matúš Grega-Jakub, Ľubica Lašáková, Ivan Boroš, Stanislav Krčmárik