Lemur O.O

This one is the smallest project we worked on! It is a fashion store for slovak design brand making glowing apparel.

"Glow and shine! During your night adventures in the city jungle! Play, dream, no matter where you are. Be a monkey! Be yourself. Be Lemur O.O Glow!"

There was less than one month to design and realize this project. Everything had to be very simple but strong at the same time. And budget friendly as well. Rent in Bratislava was culminating and the store had to be open as soon as posibble. Therefore we decided to leave the original space untouched. We sank the whole interior into one color. We erased it. Apparel glows during the night and in the dark. We chose a very specific, unique color to sink the whole interior into. It is a metaphor for a part of the night. But it is something in progress, something in between. It is not a night. It is not a black color. It is changing, moving. It represents dawn. Sun is slowly coming up. We represented this moment by purple color. Whole interior literally glows! It is small in footprint but bold and easy to remember. Everyone knows it, because it glows!

Location: Bratislava, SK
Client: Lemur O.O
Year: 2019
Status: Demolished
Typology: Commercial, Interior
Size: 15 m2
Project ID: 065
Team: Branislav Husárik
Photography: Patrik Bartas / www.bartas.sk