Mylo means something like a nice soap! And it is one of the best soaps around! This tiny building is a shop and a place for local production of natural cosmetics. The owner and her husband are our good friends. They also have very sportive kids Jogobella and Hanna. Together we want to create a place full of beautiful scents and experiences. During the weekends you can spend time here with your kids, play among the trees and flowers. Learn how to prepare your own, unique cream or balsam.

The site is very specific, it has a shape of a triangle. At the top of this triangle is quite a big roundabout, with a lot of traffic. It is one of the main transit roads from the capital city to the east suburban towns. This one is called Bernolakovo. Traffic and good visibility is the reason why we decided to compose the builing with vertical accent. It is a totem. It says, turn here, come to visit and get to know us. See you soon..!

Location: Bernolákovo, SK
Client: Mylo /
Year: 2019
Status: Ongoing
Typology: Commercial
Size: 133 m2
Project ID: 023
Team: Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Tomáš Bartko