Pieštany retail

This project is more than just a typical shopping mall. It is a hybrid! Connecting three different functions and types of residents into one mixed use zone. The shopping mall is facing the main road. But it is composed in specific form, which develops a connection and interaction with Senior house and Social housing, located on the north side of the plot. Lots of greenery, variety of landscape and surfaces. We are trying to mix it all together and create a very pleasant environment, regardless of the busy shopping mall. We are trying to slow it down by dividing the big box into two smaller parts. This void provides space for all kinds of activities! Streetball, design and food markets!

Location: Pieštany, SK
Client: Lincoln Property Company
Year: 2019
Status: Invited competition / 1st place, Ongoing
Typology: Commercial, Residential, Civic, Mixed use
Size: 15 625 m2
Project ID: 064
Team: Branislav Husárik, Peter Janeček, Tomáš Bartko